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Technical Forecast Gold, Silver prices october 1-5 2012

Technical Forecast Gold, Silver prices october 1-5 2012 : The complex retreated during the week with the exception of Palladium. However, I believe that Gold will be the biggest beneficiary under the central bank easing environment. Weakening of the USD after announcement of the Big Stimulus, talks of inflation and currency debasement are factors to send the precious Yellow metal higher.

After a short rebound last week, the Gold/Silver ratio resumed its decline. Silver has performed the best in the complex so far this year. The precious White metal has gained +23.9%, compared with Platinum’s 18.4%, Gold’s +13.2% and Palladium’s drop of -2.78%.

The latest data set from China suggested that Silver’s demand has improved.

Remaining a net importer, imports fell just -3% Y-Y to 304 metric tons while exports fell about -10% Y-Y to 61.5 metric tons. Overall industrial demand remains weak as the semiconductor billings data signaled that shipments in Europe and US despite recovery in China and Japan.

A further rise in Silver will continue to be driven by ETF demand. Concerns over inflation and currency debasement have driven capitals to the precious White metal as a cheaper alternative of Gold

Gold consolidated below 1790, the Resistance last week. Despite a rally attempt, Gold is limited below this mark IMO.

More sideway trading may be seen.

Note: as long as 1720, the minor support holds, this run North is expected to continue.

A clear crack of 1792.7/1804.4, the Resistance zone, will have larger Bullish implication and will show the way to 1923.7, the historical high. But, a break of 1720 will indicate near term reversal and will turn my outlook Bearish for a move to 1674, the Key support 1st

The Big Picture: price actions from 1923.7 high are seen as a medium term consolidation pattern. There is no indication that this consolidation is finished, and more range trading could be seen. In any case, any falling leg should be contained by 1478.3/1577.4 the Support zone and bring on a rebound. A clear break of 1792.7/1804.4, the Resistance zone, augurs that the long term up trend may be resuming for a new high above the 1923.7 mark.

The Long Term Picture: with 1478.3, the Key support, intact, there is no change in my long term Bullish outlook for Gold. While some more medium term consolidation cannot be ruled out, I still look for a break of 2000 psych level sooner or later. Stay tuned…

Comex Silver (SI)

Silver continued to consolidate below 35, the psych mark, last week and more sideway trading could be seen. But, as long as 32.72, the Key support, holds, I see this rally extending. A move above 35.26 will target 37.58, the Key resistance mark. I will be cautious and looking for reversal signal at it approaches 37.58. A break of 32.72 will be the 1st signal of a near term reversal and turns the focus back to 30.195 the next support mark.

The Big Picture: as long as 37.58, the Key resistance holds, price actions from 26.105 are viewed as a consolidation pattern, that means, the down trend from 49.82 high is not over, and an new low below 26.105 is favored. A clear break of 37.58 dampens this Bearish POV, and could bring stronger raise back to 49.82 the high.

The Long Term Picture; the Big Q remains, is 49.82 is a medium term or long term Top. With 61.8% Fibo retracement of 8.4 to 49.82 at 24.22 intact, price actions from 49.82 could eventually turn out to be a consolidation, and a break of 37.58, Key resistance, will increase the odds of a new high above 49.82 will be made sooner rather than later. Stay tuned… For the latest updates on the stock market, PRESS CTR + D or visit Stock Market Today For the latest updates PRESS CTR + D or visit Stock Market news Today

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