Monday, August 27, 2012

Nokia shares prices today 8/27/2012

Nokia shares prices today 8/27/2012 : Nokia shares jumped to the top of pan-European indexes on Monday amid speculation that a US patent ruling in favour of smartphone maker Apple against rival Samsung could result in a ban on sales of some of the South Korean company’s products in the US.

Finland’s Nokia has been striving to rebuild market share after it ceded ground to rivals in the smartphone market, such as Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy Android phones

Shares in Nokia
jumped 7.7 per cent to €2.68 on potential sales increases if Samsung products were to be banned from US shelves.

Nokia, which uses
Microsoft Windows software on its smartphones, was not expected to face any patent action from Apple, whose claims that Samsung had infringed several of its patents were mostly upheld in a US court on Friday.

Nomura analysts told Reuters: “As Android and Apple tear each other apart, Microsoft has been waiting in the wings and is in a very good position to move in and entice users to switch from Android to Microsoft, as we have already seen that user loyalty is low.”

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