Tuesday, September 18, 2012

gold price predictions per ounce 2014

gold price predictions per ounce 2014 - Bank of America Merrill Lynch said gold prices could climb as high as US$2,400 per ounce by end of 2014 citing aggressive policy easing by the U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank, Reuters reported.

It said the bank expects the Fed will maintain mortgage purchases until the end of 2014 and could move to buy treasuries following the end of its Operation Twist.

"Given the new open-ended nature of QE3 (quantitative easing), the upward pressure on gold prices should continue until employment is strong enough to warrant a change in policy. In our view, this is unlikely to happen until the end of 2014," BofA reportedly said in a note to clients.

The bank kept its gold price target of $2,000 an ounce for the second quarter of 2013.

J.P.Morgan forecast gold prices 2014
The Gold Price could reach $2000 per ounce by 2014 according to investment and retail bank J.P.Morgan.

Colin Fenton, commodity strategist at the multinational bank, said in Beijing on Thursday that the Gold Price "may reach $2,000 a troy ounce within the next two years."

At that level, gold would break its peak of September 2011. It would also be an increase of 23.5% compared to the current Gold Price of around $1620 per ounce.

J.P.Morgan's forecast is backed up by banking and financial services company HSBC's who says that by 2013, the Gold Price should have recovered to $1775 per ounce.

"Despite recent weakness, we maintain an upwards bias for gold and expect prices to recover in the second half of this year," HSBC's chief commodity analyst James Steel said in a note to clients.

Furthermore, French global banking group BNP Paribas' Gold Price forecast for 2013 is $2125 per ounce.

"We see the Gold Price peaking in 2013, as the market starts to anticipate monetary tightening in the United States, but do not expect a sharp fall thereafter," says precious metals analyst at BNP Paribas, Anne-Laure Tremblay.

Her 2013 forecast was higher several months ago, however, at $2200. HSBC's forecast for the average Gold Price next year was previously at $1850 per ounce.

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