Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Financial market september 27 2012

Financial market september 27 2012, economic calender 9/27/2012 : Unemployment Claims in the US and Current Account in the UK are the major market-movers. Let see what awaits us today.

In the US, Durable Goods Orders, Value the total change in new manufacturers purchase orders for durable goods; reduce is participated now from 4.1% on August down to -4.3% now. While on the Core Durable Goods Orders rise is likely from -0.6% on the last month up to 0.2% this time.
More in the US, Unemployment Claims, Measure who filed for unemployment insurance on the last week for the first time, 378K is due from 382K on the last week.

Later in the US, Pending Home Sales, Value the to be sold homes that are under contract but still awaiting the closing transaction, (without new building); due to reduce down from 2.4% on August to -0.7% this month.

Finally in the US, Final Gross Domestic Product (GDP), quarterly report to value the annualized change of all goods and services that are produced by the economy, 1.7% is calculated similar to the last time.

In Europe, German Unemployment Change, Value the unemployed people over the previous month; rise of 1K from August is expected up to 10K now.

More in Europe, M3 Money Supply, value the quantity domestic currency in flow and deposited in banks, reduce is forecasted down to 3.3% now from 3.8% on the last report.

In Great Britain, Current Account, value the quarterly difference between imported and exported goods and services such as unilateral transfers, further reduce is predicated from -11.2B down to -12.2B now.

Later in Great Britain, Nationwide House Price Index (HPI); value the selling price change of homes with mortgages that is backed by Nationwide, 0.2% is likely now from 1.3% on the last month.

More in Great Britain, Final Gross Domestic Product (GDP), value all goods and services that are reduced by the economy, -0.5% is due now with no change from the last time.

In New Zealand, NBNZ Business Confidence, Survey to value the relative 12-month financial outlook, 19.5 points are due similar to the previous report.

More in New Zealand, Building Consents, the number of new building approvals that were issued over the last month, 2.0% is calculated like on the last time.

In Japan, Household Spending, value the consumers’ total expenditures, 1.1% is due now from 1.7% on the previous month.

Later in Japan, Tokyo Core Consumer Price Index (CPI), the consumers’ price change of goods and services in Tokyo (not including fresh food), -0.2% is calculated now from -0.5% on August.

More in Japan, Prelim Industrial Production, measures the total value of manufacturers mines, and utilities output, rise is estimated now from -1.0%  on August up to -0.4% this month.

Finally in Japan, Retail Sales, the total value of sales at the retail level over the last month, -0.8% is due from -0.3% on August.

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