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Financial market events september 4 2012

Financial market events september 4 2012, economic calender 9/4/2012 : We began the week with ISM Manufacturing PMI in the US and Construction PMI in the UK as the main highlights on today’s outlook. Let’s see what awaits us today.

In the US, The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), Survey to rate the business conditions such as employment new orders prices etc., rise is likely from 49.8 points on August up to 50.1 points now. On the Final Manufacturing PMI 51.9 points are due similar to the last time. And rise from 39.5 points up to 46.4 points is predicted on the ISM Manufacturing Prices.

Later in the US, Construction Spending 0.4% is due with no change from the last month.

Total Vehicle Sales is due to remain 14.1M with no change from the last report.

In Europe, Spanish Unemployment Change to value the number of unemployed people over the last month, -27.8K is due similar to August report.

Later in Europe, Producer Price Index (PPI), a rise from -0.5% on August up to 0.3% is calculated.

In Great Britain, Construction Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), Monthly Survey to value the business conditions like production, prices, supplier deliveries and inventories; due to reduce from 50.9 points on August down to 50.1 points.

Also in Great Britain Halifax House Price Index (HPI), measures the price change of homes that are financed by Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS), 0.3% is forecasted now from -0.6% on August.

Finally in Great Britain BRC Shop Price Index, 1.0% is due similar to the last monthly report.

In Switzerland, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), quarterly report to value the all goods and services that are produced by the economy, reduce is expected from 0.7% down to 0.2% now.

In Australia, Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Rate Statement, one of the RBA Reserve Bank Board primary tools that are uses to communicate with investors regarding monetary policy and discusses the financial outlook of future decisions. And no change is likely on the Cash Rate 3.50%.

More in Australia, Current Account, value the difference between imported and exported goods, services and so on; -12.3B is forecasted from -14.9B on the last quarter.

Finally in Australia, Australian Industry Group (AIG) Services Index, Survey of business conditions, 46.5 points are due with no change from the last time.

In New Zealand, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) Commodity Prices, no change is likely from the last report and -0.5% is about to remain.

For more about the kiwi, see the NZD/USD forecast.

In Japan, Average Cash Earnings, the total value of employment income that is collected by workers over the last month, -0.3% is due rise of 0.1% from the last time.

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