Monday, January 9, 2012

gold price prediction jan 10 2012

gold price prediction jan 10 2012 : Gold prices declined as market gained some momentum during Monday’s sessions after upbeat data from Germany, as the German exports inclined by 2.5% compared with the prior decline of 2.9%, noting that the trade balance showed a surplus of 16.2 billion euro better than expected in Germany.

However, the French president and the German Chancellor made slight progress regarding the new budget rules; while they provided markets with nothing new and further details were not seen, therefore, the euro remained mixed after the news as markets are still waiting for details on how leaders will solve the debt crisis and how they will apply the new budget rules.

Now, eyes will be spotted on this year, and the performance of the European economy, especially after the ECB lent the European banks huge amount of money, and if that money will help the euro zone to continue recovery process amid big challenges.

Accordingly, we should expect more fluctuations for gold, but should the current pessimism persist, we should expect gold prices to extend the rallies, however, the level of uncertainty is very high, and investors are ought to remain cautious. (source ) For the latest updates on the stock market, visit Stock Market Today
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