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Apple stock outlook september 10-14 2012

Apple stock outlook september 10-14 2012, apple iphone 5 release date september 12 2012 : Apple Inc.’s stock will do the day before or the day after the presumed iPhone 5 announcement next Wednesday. Nobody does, I do know that Apple (US:AAPL) will benefit from the ridiculous amount of publicity it will get next week.

The biggest surprise would be if Apple did not actually announce the iPhone 5, but since the death of Steve Jobs the company leaks information like a sieve. So Wednesday is the big day.

Less surprising would be changing the naming convention for to something like “iPhone Model A” or some such oddity to reflect the subtle renaming going on within the company. The numbers seem to be going away.

I personally do not see the iPhone 5 as being much more than a bigger iPhone 4S. But there has to be some new and unique software to give the phone some edge over the Android competition.

So what about the stock? There have been no consistent trends over the past few years. When Steve Jobs returned to the company, things seem to be orchestrated to make the stock always move up after the once-traditional January announcements.

Now it is unpredictable, and, unless you want to just bet on the Apple magic, I’d stay away from the stock for a few days and until long after the announcement. In fact I’d probably wait until the phones actually ship and the real reviews come in, unless there is some spectacular feature rolled out Wednesday.

that Apple stock performed 2.2 times better in the quarter after the company announced constraints in the iPhone supply.

The shares also performed 1.2 times better in the quarter after supply of the iPad was constrained.

The June 2010 quarter saw both the iPhone and the iPad constrained and the company’s stock price grew 26 percent over the following three months.

But in October 2011 neither the iPhone, nor the iPad were reported as constrained by Apple and the stock remained constant in the quarter that followed.

The analyst believes that the stock performance could depend on customers’ choice to wait for an Apple product rather than choose a device from a competitor.

estimates that 24 million iPhones will be sold in the September quarter, which is a 39 percent year over year growth.

In the holiday quarter, sales of 49 million units could set a new record for the company but even with these numbers, he believes demand will exceed early supply.

At the current trading session, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares up +1.00% to $676.92. Intraday trading range is between $670.80 – $678.29. In the past year, the stock has traded within a range of $354.24– $680.87. The current session’s volume of 9.52 million shares is down from the average daily trading volume of 13.70 million shares.

The stock showed weekly downbeat performance of -0.68% which is maintained for the month at +8.12%. Likewise the positive performance for the quarter is recorded as +17.79% and for the year is +77.25% while the YTD performance remained at +66.20%.

AAPL generated revenue of 148.81 billion in the following twelve months and earned $40.13 billion. The Company showed a positive +26.97% in the net profit margin and as well as in its operating margin which remained +35.62%. Company’s annual sales growth for the past five years was +41.16%.

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