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how to fight a travel insurance claim

how to fight a travel insurance claim, fight denied travel claims : If the insurance company disapproves your claims, the first thing to do is to stay calm. That would most likely be difficult, since most of us will actually bombard the insurance company with plenty of protests. Such protest actions will end up in vain because the insurance company has a legal representative to defend itself. The best effort is to search for a win-win solution for both partie

Once you have calmed down, you can ask the clear explanation why your claim was disapproved. When the reasons have been told, but you still insist that your claim is valid, you can apply a recourse for the disapproved claims. Provide all the required documents (such as your doctor’s recommendation) to support your claims’ validity, that the insurance company have to pay for the claim. Also highlight the benefits you should be receiving from the insurance policy which you bought. Pay attention to the designated time because some policies include time limits on which you can recourse your claims.

Every time you’re having a discussion with insurance officers, make written notes of date and time, the corresponding officer’s name, and the points of your discussion. If your claims are still disapproved, you can take a recourse to the higher ups with higher authorities in that company.

You can also attempt arbitrations, by filing in your complaints to the State Insurance Commission (SIC). The last action is through legal suits, but bewares. This is the path you should reserve until every other actions have failed to persuade the company in approving your claims.

Five Reasons Why Travel Insurance Claims Are Usually Declined
Below are some of the five reasons why some travel insurance claims are usually rejected.

Claimant not disclosing a pre existing medical condition
For any travel insurance claim that is based on medical reasons to be honored, the insurer must be fully aware of any pre existing medical condition you might have. Any medical assistance for an injury or an illness that you had not disclosed to your insurer will not be honored and you will cover the costs yourself. It is usually advisable to always make sure that you disclose any pre-existing condition when you apply for insurance and you will always be covered in case of any eventuality.

Buying inadequate insuarance cover
Many holiday makers just look at the price of the policy they seek to purchase and not what is usually included in the policy. In such a situation, most of them usually realize too late that the insurance policy they have bought does not cover other claims such as travel cancellation or loss of luggage.

Inadequate evidence for the claim to be honored
In the event a claimant wants to make a claim for goods that they have lost or stolen, they need to produce a police report or the insurance will not be obliged to pay you out. This situation is usually tricky especially when you are on holiday abroad and your luggage or goods are lost or stolen as you will need to provide sufficient prove that you owned the items in the first place.

Incident occurs when you are intoxicated
Your insurance claim will never be honored if you have an accident during your holiday while you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. One is usually expected to be compos mentis and be seen to be capable of looking after one self. This is a very important point that you should remember especially if you are planning a boozy break in the sun!

Getting involved in a fight
Insurers are usually unwilling to pay any claim you make if the incident resulting to the claim happened while you were involved in a fight. It is usually considered that most people end up in a fight when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. However, the insurer might honor your claim if you prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were never under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that the main reason why you were involved in the fight was purely because of self defense.

Tips for Claiming on your Travel Insurance

1. Ensure you declare everything when buying the policy
Withholding information whether it be by accident or not, can invalidate your holiday insurance policy. If you are a family of four and one of your two children has suffered from certain medical issues in the last year and the policy asks this question, tell the truth for example. Try and be as honest as you possibly can when purchasing the policy.

2. Ensure you have the right cover
If you plan to ski whilst on holiday for example, you really should ensure that your policy includes dangerous sports. Are the activities you will be involved with, be covered on the standard policy or do you need to buy any add-ons. Many activities such as skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing and sometimes cycling, can be considered dangerous sports on holiday insurance policies. Missing out on buying the right add-on could turn out to be an incredibly costly mistake if you were ins skiing accident in USA or Canada.

3. Get the right documentation whilst abroad when a problem happens
It is essential that you get the right documents where possible. to prove to your insurance company on your return home, the facts of the claim. If you were pickpocketed or mugged, try and ensure you get a police report and if possiblea case number. Try and gather as much proof as possible and where needed, time dated photographs and video can also help to proof your case when making the claim.

4. Make sure your policy is up-to-date
You might have laughed at the above title for this point, but you might be surprised. It can be quite easy to take out an annual multi trip travel insurance policy and to get mixed up one year later with remembering when to renew it. Set a reminder in Outlook if you use Outlook email for example. Before travellig, double check all dates and DO ensure the policy covers you past the date of the end of your trip.

5. Keep receipts and proof of purchase where needed.
If you have to book extra transportation, accommodation, or buy food and drink because of a problem that occurs and which might be reason for an insurance claim, try and get receipts for everything if you possibly can

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