Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best Insurance stocks strong buy september 2012

Best Insurance stocks strong buy for september 2012 : This week, 6 Insurance stocks are improving their overall rating on Portfolio Grader. Each of these rates an “A” (“strong buy”) or “B” overall (“buy”).

ACE (NYSE:ACE) is showing significant improvement as the company’s rating hops from a C (“hold”) to a B (“buy”). ACE provides a range of insurance and reinsurance products worldwide. In Portfolio Grader’s specific subcategory of Earnings Momentum, ACE also gets an A. The stock’s trailing PE Ratio is 12.5

Arch Capital Group (NASDAQ:ACGL) is showing good progress as the company’s rating jumps from a B (“buy”) last week to an A (“strong buy”). Arch Capital Group writes insurance and reinsurance on a worldwide basis. The stock’s trailing PE Ratio is 8.2

The rating of Selective Insurance Group (NASDAQ:SIGI) moves up this week, rising from a C to a B. Selective Insurance Group offers property and casualty insurance products and services the eastern and midwestern regions of the United States. The stock price is up 4.9% over the past month.

Primerica (NYSE:PRI) shows solid improvement this week. The company’s rating rises from a B to an A. Primerica distributes financial products to middle income households in North America. Shares of PRI have increased 6.6% over the past month, better than the 2.2% increase the S&P 500 has seen over the same period of time.

Safety Insurance Group (NASDAQ:SAFT) earns an A this week, jumping up from last week’s grade of B. Safety Insurance Group is a provider of private passenger automobile insurance in Massachusetts. Investors have pushed the stock price up 9.2% over the past month. The stock’s dividend yield is 11.6%.

Independence Holding Co. (NYSE:IHC) gets a higher grade this week, advancing from a C last week to a B. Independence Holding sells life and health insurance through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York, and Madison National Life Insurance. IHC has a trailing PE Ratio of 12.5

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