Tuesday, December 27, 2011

US Stock Market Predictions for 2012

US Stock Market Predictions for 2012 ; The US equity market will continue to be highly volatile between now and the end of 2012. The US is heading into a recession, but so are much of the 1st world nations. As bad unemployment and other economic indicators continue to roll out the stock market will continue to fall. However, money will continue to flow to the US equity markets from other nations as they struggle and their currencies fall. Interest rates will remain low, and quite possibly go lower so the savers will continue to be hurt. Nowhere to hide your money. My best bet is cash and the highest stock dividends in US staples

What will happen to stock markets in 2012
The FTSE 100 is on course for an 8 per cent fall over the year. That's disappointing - but it's better than the near-25 per cent plunges for Germany and France and actually ranks the UK 9th in a league table of stock market performance for 2011 Read more..

What experts predict stocks prices in 2012
The good news is that Wall Street experts think stock prices will rise more than 10 percent next year. The bad news is that they expected big gains in 2011 and got nearly zero instead. Read more..

2012 Stock Market Predictions
The end of the year begins the “silly season” when each of the major investment firms roll-out their market strategist to offer a divine prognostication for the direction of the equity markets in the upcoming year. So, how did they do last year? Read more..

will stock market crash in 2012
The stock market is surging and relieved investors are cheering on the news that a group of central banks is trying to stabilize the world economy and save European banks from going belly-up. But this party may not be able to last. Read more..

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