Friday, December 30, 2011

stock market forecast january 2012

stock market forecast january 2012 - stock market prediction january 2012 ; The year 2011 certainly will leave a mark on investors' minds as we head into the New Year. The past year has been filled with key events ranging from the MF Global collapse, the death of Steve Jobs , protestors occupying Wall Street, an earthquake and tsunami in Japan and, of course, the European debt crisis.

The road ahead may be bumpy for the markets , but with spread betting, investors can speculate on the markets irrespective of whether prices are rising or falling, , so the year ahead should provide ample opportunities. It may be that with reduced confidence riding into 2012 the markets are probably going to experience short term wild swings along the way.

Taking a look back can help us see where we have come from and potentially help create an opportunity map for paving the way forward. There are no guarantees in this business but looking for high probability trades is a safer way of trading, compared to trading with one eye blindfolded.

UK FTSE 100 Technical analysis prediction 2012
In the UK, the FTSE 100 opened the year at 5899 and spent seven months trading sideways. We saw the range from a high of 6105 to the low of 5591 take place between January until August. Read more..

Dow Jones Technical Analysis Outlook 2012
The US Dow Jones also faced a wall of worry as it too witnessed a bearish move lower this year. However it did manage to push higher earlier in 2011 before topping out at 12876 in May, which then saw the Dow fall down to the 10404 low. Currently the index is developing a pattern that suggests a fairly substantial move may be on the cards for 2012. Read more..

Investors are not optimistic about the coming year with the eurozone sovereign debt crisis expected to continue taking its toll on the global economy.

As the year 2012 begins, market participants will likely be reminded that the European fiscal problems continue to worsen, The market's focus, whether willing or not, will be on Europe at the beginning of the New Year, as rating companies are expected to announce results of their reviews on eurozone nations,
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