Monday, November 26, 2012

Armour Residential REIT Stock Prediction 2013

Stock market today - Armour Residential REIT Stock Prediction 2013 : Armour Residential REIT, Inc. (ARR). Armour Residential is a Florida-based mREIT established in 2008. Per their website, Armour invests in hybrid adjustable rate, adjustable rate and fixed rate residential mortgage-backed securities issued by or guaranteed by U.S. Government agencies or U.S. Government sponsored entities such as:

    Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae);
    Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, (Freddie Mac); and
    Government National Mortgage Administration, (Ginnie Mae).

A week ago, the entire mREIT sector experienced a flash crash due to tax rate concerns on dividends and tightening spreads, taking ARR down with it on very high volume. The mini-crash in the sector has since subsided, with many mREIT's recovering in short order once investors began to realize the sky wasn't, in fact, falling.

I think ARR is an excellent value pick for 2013 for four reasons:

1. Current dividend yield is approximately a whopping 16%.

2. Insiders have been buying of late.

3. U.S. Real Estate market is starting to heat up again

4. Shares of ARR are presently trading under book value at $6.77 a share.

The stock has already priced in a drastic cut to the dividend, but even an unworldly reduction of 50% still gives a yield of 8%. A drastically reduced dividend yield in ARR would therefore still beat many more conservatively financed REITs, with the added benefit that ARR pays out monthly. Given that few stocks can offer a double-digit yield, a monthly distribution, and the strong potential for capital appreciation, Armour Residential is my top value pick for 2013.

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