Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chase Bank mortgage rate august 29 2012

Chase Bank mortgage rate august 29 2012 : Today’s mortgage rates at Chase Bank (NYSE:JPM) have retained almost all of the strength of those seen yesterday, when a successful of gentle slides saw the lender leap to the top-end of the market in terms of overall value for money. As such, Chase is once again one of the very best options available today for both home purchase and refinance mortgage rates, with each of the following examples representing a superb opportunity for investment.

Starting with home purchase mortgage rates from Chase Bank, today sees the benchmark
30 year fixed rate home loan at 3.500% and carrying an APR of 3.571%, while those opting for the 15 year version of the same loan will face an interest rate of 2.750% and an APR of 2.910%.

For now and used home buyers looking to invest with an adjustable rate home purchase package, the popular 7/1 ARM from Chase is today opening at 2.500% and comes with an APR of 2.995% variable, while the 5/1 ARM remains hugely strong at just 2.250% to begin and with an APR of 2.997% variable.

Refinance mortgage rates now and Chase once again sets the bar high for the rest of the industry. As of this Wednesday morning, the 30 year fixed rate refinance loan is being advertised for 3.750% and with an APR of 3.842%, while those choosing the shorter 15 year term can expect to pay 3.000% in interest and an APR of 3.107%.

The value continues into the adjustable rate home refinance loans on the books today, which include the usual 7/1 ARM with an opening rate of 2.500% and an APR of 3.014% variable, which is joined by the Chase 5/1 ARM which now opens at 2.250% and yields an APR amounting to 3.016% variable.

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