Sunday, March 25, 2012

Minimum alcohol price per unit in 2013

Minimum alcohol price per unit in 2013 : The health minister said he hopes to implement a minimum alcohol price by next year. The minister said alcohol misuse was one of the main threats to public health in Northern Ireland and research had shown that it cost up to £900m every year.

Speaking to the Talkback programme, Edwin Poots said it would take until next autumn to bring in legislation which could "not be challenged". On Friday, it was announced the government was proposing a minimum price of 40p per unit of alcohol in England and Wales.

In January, he was joined by the Irish Republic's Health Minister Dr James Reilly and Minister of State for Health Roisin Shortall, where a cross-border strategy on a minimum price for alcohol was decided.

Mr Poots said he would consider charging 45-50 pence per unit of alcohol.

This would mean that a bottle of cider with 14 units of alcohol, which currently costs £2.30, would be increased to £7. "For a person who takes a moderate amount of drink each week, the impact on them will probably be about £10-£15 a year," he added.

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