Saturday, January 7, 2012

Taiwan IPO Market prediction 2012

Taiwan IPO Market prediction 2012 ; There will be 100 enterprises undertaking IPO (initial public offering) this year, raising fund of NT$40 billion, similar to last year’s level, predicted Chou Chien-hung, chief auditing operating officer of PwC Taiwan yesterday (Jan. 5).

At a press conference, Chou pointed out that affected by the debt crisis, the U.S. and European capital markets performed poorly, inducing the global fund to flow to Asia, which continued to enjoy booming economy. Moreover, the government further liberalized its policies, leading to close cross-Taiwan Strait exchanges. As a result, the number of enterprises carrying out IPO topped 99 (including 47 on the centralized market and 52 on the over-the-counter market) last year, 50% more than 66 in 2010.

Despite the large growth in the number of IPO cases, the amount of fund raising plunged last year, due to the effect of the economic slowdown. The amount of fund raising reached only NT$38.9 billion last year, one third less than NT$59.3 billion in 2010.

In 2010, there were a number of large IPO cases, such as Digital China, which plus the booming market boosted the fund-raising scale. In 2011, there was only a larger IPO case of Elpida which raised NT$4.26 billion, and there has yet to see major IPO cases this year. Therefore, the scale of fund raising via IPOs this year will be similar to last year’s level.

However, the fund-raising scale of SPO (secondary public offering) cases in 2011 increased by NT$18.1 billion from the 2010 level further. The easiness to raise fund via SPO is a major attraction of the Taiwanese stock market to listed firms.

Zhou pointed out that in the recent three years, most IPO cases are in the fields of information technology and communications. In the future, IPOs undertaken by bio-medicine and retail consumption will be a trend. For the latest updates on the stock market, visit Stock Market Today
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