Tuesday, April 26, 2011

gas, oil prices reaction after Barack Obama Seeks end to oil

gas, oil prices reaction after Barack Obama Seeks end to oil : Oil. priece, gas price forecast, For the 35th day in a row, gas prices have gone up. The national average is now $3.87 a gallon, though that number is slightly lower in Jacksonville.

President Barack Obama has launched an investigation in to the high gas prices, though he says there is no "silver bullet" to bringing the cost down.

The President wrote a letter to Congress Tuesday, however, asking that the U.S. look into ending more than four billion dollars in foreign oil subsidies.

Condemning the record profits those companies have made over the past few months, he said the price at the pump is "just another burden when things already are pretty tough."

Our problem isn't gas prices

When President Barack Obama took his deficit reduction show on the road last week, he found audiences had more on their minds than spending cuts and tax increases Read More...

Gasoline rises a penny to $3.87 per gallon
NEW YORK (AP) - Gas pump prices have climbed for 35 straight days even though industry surveys show Americans have started to drive less. The national average rose by a penny to hit $3.87 per gallon on Tuesday, more than a dollar higher than it was last year. Experts say prices should keep rising for the next few weeks before weaker consumer demand forces prices to drop. "We're going to see prices keep bumping up for three, maybe four weeks," energy analyst Read More...

Why Isn't Obama Celebrating High Oil Prices
It's about time the administration began taking on the ogres of the left's imagination seriously. Attorney General Eric Holder has formed the "Oil and Gas Price Fraud Working Group to Focus on Energy Markets" to expose the speculators, the gougers and those fat cat millionaires. And if we can't confront make-believe distractions with "working groups," well, we are surely a nation in decline. Read More...

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