Monday, March 21, 2011

warren buffett and Silver predictions 2011

warren buffett predictions 2011 : Hedge funds, broker-dealers and mortgage companies may face unprecedented demands for data on everything from risk exposure to trading partners as U.S. regulators seek to identify firms that pose a potential threat to the financial system, a confidential government report says .

Libyan forces loyal to Muammar Qaddafi counterattacked against rebels on the east coast where much of the country’s crude is refined or shipped abroad, and the leader said his control of oil reserves is secure. Buffett Takeover Criteria Includes General Dynamics: Real M&A.

Warren Buffett wants to use his almost $40 billion pile of cash to pursue bigger acquisitions. That may put companies from Archer Daniels Midland Co. to General Dynamics Corp. and Exelon Corp. in his sights.

Asian Stocks Advance as Nuclear Risk Eases; Oil Rises on Libya
Billionaire Warren Buffett said Japan’s record earthquake presents a buying opportunity and he won’t be selling assets in the nation. Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said progress is being made in restoring power to two reactors at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant, which was damaged by the March 11 temblor and ensuing tsunami. In Libya, allied officials said air and missile strikes have effectively grounded Muammar Qaddafi’s air force. Read More...

Gold Investment Grows on "Forex Volatility" as Libyan Air-Strikes See Silver, Crude Oil & World Equities Jump - 21 March 2011,
World stock markets rose over 1.5% on average. Silver Bullion prices jumped more than 2% to recover what was left of last week's 6.5% drop. Ahead of this week's European summit on the region's sovereign debt crises, the US Dollar meantime fell to a 9-week low vs. the Euro at worse than $1.41. That capped the jump in Eurozone Gold Investment prices below €32,500 per kilo, unwinding one-half of last week's 2.5% drop.

"It'll take some time to rebuild, but it will not change the economic future of Japan," said legendary investor Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, on a visit to South Korea today. Read More...

Warren Buffett Made Millions From This Phenomenon in 1997... And It's Happening Again
Back then, Warren Buffett had investments in this sector during the phenomenon (and made millions from it). Meanwhile, investors watched the prevailing prices in the sector soar from $4.25 an ounce to above $7.00. That's not surprising. You see, when this phenomenon rears its head, it usually means one thing: demand is soaring. And we all know soaring demand means rising prices. Read More...

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